Mark Albin

Qigong/Neigong is a wonderful method to discover our internal life force and cultivate clarity, equilibrium, and wisdom. Qigong facilitates a deepening of our relationship to qi, universal life energy. Qigong is internalized through personal experience of the body and breath. Regular practice increases vitality, and also encourages mindfulness, deep relaxation, and harmony within and in the world around us.

Mark began practicing taiji and qigong in 1988 at Sogen-ji Temple in Okayama, Japan with Zen Master Shodo Harada, and experienced that the movements had a revitalizing effect after long hours of zazen meditation. He first learned the 24-Form of taiji with Yang MIng-Shi. He began qigong with the Crane form with his fellow countryman David Branscomb. Since that time he has studied and moved with many teachers and practitioners. He has studied regularly with Qigong Master Zhongxian Wu since 2011.

Mark takes time for silence and qigong every day. Connecting to body and breath supports his various endeavors as course instructor, shiatsu practitioner, and social therapist. He is delighted to share the energy and experience of his qigong practice with others. 

If you are interested in a qigong course with Mark in English or German, please write or call. " contact "