Mark Albin


If you feel unbalanced or weak in body, mind and/or spirit, this is a normal human experience. But you don't have to suffer from it. With broad life and professional experience and a few unique skills, I have had the privilege of supporting many people all over the world.

I know frustration very well. I thought that the society I grew up in in California was unhealthy. It did not show me that we humans were interested in serving each other well, let alone serving the world's population or the planet. However, I myself was not in a position to do any better.

With a psychiatrist for a father, a brother with muscular dystrophy, and an overactive mind, I became very reflective. The problems in my personality and in my environment bothered me immensely. With my many worries about myself and the world, I went to Japan and entered a Buddhist Zen temple. This experience was an important chapter in my search for the intuitive intelligence, strength and creativity I yearned for. I wanted to become a truly mature adult who could put his words into action and live a truly happy life. Seeing oneself clearly and overcoming one’s own misconceptions is the fundamental way to changing the world for the better.


We are often aware of the source of personal problems. In the past, there were situations when we were overwhelmed, in need, and also alone. We were unable to respond authentically, regulate our nervous system, or continue living freely and straightforwardly. It is important to look at those states of stagnation. If we can, we have the opportunity to recognize our mature personality. With serenity and presence, we can attend and support ourselves.

Sometimes it takes another person, a technique, or just space for breath and stillness to set these processes in motion. Life doesn't have to be so dramatic and heavy. Our bright, clear minds are closer to us than we often think.

I offer counseling appointments in my practice in Bruckdorf near Regensburg, in Ingolstadt and in Munich. Online appointments are also possible. You are welcome to contact me with your inquiries <here>

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